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Clarification on the traditional style uniforms, Red and Black uniforms, and the Black uniforms. Colored Uniforms (black or red) are for the Kids Self Defense program ONLY.
The cost on these are as follows:
Black uniforms with 2 patches are $45 and are for the beginner KIDS program.
The Red Top and Black Pants are for intermediate and advanced students in the
KIDS program and are $55 and include the 2 patches for the jacket.
Students must have the US Flag patch on the right sleeve of the uniforms and the
Fist or the Kanji (Japanese letter) on the breast pocket side.
Beginners are not required to get the Red/Black uniforms at intermediate/advanced,
but you can't get them at beginner, hope that makes sense. The Adult Sanchin Karate (18 years and above) program uniforms are Traditional White!
The standard uniforms are $55. Students must have the Hayashi-Ha Shito-Ryu patch on the Left breast pocket of the Gi.
If you are in the Kobudo (weapons) program that patch goes on the right sleeve of the uniforms additional $10 for that patch. Summary: Black uniform with 2 patches - $45 Kids beginner only Red/Black uniform with 2 patches - $55 Kids Intermediate/Advanced only White Traditional with 1 patch - $55 Adults Only Kobudo patch $10 If you want to order any uniforms you may do so through Sensei Hauf

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